Conor Messer
Lab Alumnus/Alumna
Lab Position: Associate Computational Biologist II
Google Scholar

I am a bioengineer passionate about coming up with transformative solutions in the healthcare space. I had various experiences in medical device prototyping and prosthetics during my undergraduate, while studying Bioengineering at Northeastern University, though my interest in computer science ultimately led me to computational biology. After my Fulbright Fellowship, doing robotics research in the United Arab Emirates, I joined the Getz Lab. My work now focuses on understanding the drivers of resistance to immune therapy in GBM and HER2+ Breast Cancer, with particular interest on the modeling of the copy number profile. While at the Broad, I have supremely enjoyed the tight coupling of computational techniques and biological understanding along with the rigorous intellectual environment.

When not at the computer, I try to engage my mind, body, and spirit however possible. I especially like to play sports with friends, watch Marvel with my wife, climb, hike, play music, and study theology.

Selected Lab Papers