Oliver Priebe
Lab Alumnus/Alumna
Lab Position: Associate Computational Biologist II
Google Scholar

I am an associate computational biologist in the Getz lab, where I focus on developing new methods for interpreting genomic data and applying these methods, among others, to novel datasets. I am broadly interested in uncovering deep insights into biology, both by making sense of the immense amount of biomedical data being generated today using techniques in statical and machine learning, and by leveraging these techniques to inform what experiments to run and data to gather next. Prior to joining the lab I was fortunate enough to work under the guidance of Max Sherman in the Berger Lab @ MIT, where we worked on a deep learning approach to cancer driver discovery. I received my bachelors in Biophysics and Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania where I graduated Phi Beta Kappa.

Outside of the work, I enjoy playing and watching soccer, exploring and exploiting the space of tasty recipes, and doing pretty much anything outside.