Michael Vinyard
Lab Alumnus/Alumna
Lab Position: PhD Student, Harvard - Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Michael is a 6th-year PhD student in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. His work focuses on computational methods development for studying the dynamics of biological processes observed using single-cell measurements. Michael is co-advised with Luca Pinello where he has contributed to work on setting best-practice standards for the analysis of scATAC-seq data (Genome Biol., 2019) as well as methods for multi-omic, clustering-free analysis (biorXiv, 2021).

Before joining the Getz and Pinello labs, he was a member of Prof. Brian Liau’s Lab where he has worked on using CRISPR tools to study cancer.This was highlighted by the use of CRISPR suppressor scanning to better understand the role of LSD1 in AML maintenance (Nat Chem Biol., 2019).

Michael did his undergraduate work at the University of Iowa where he was a captain of the Men’s Swimming and Diving Team. Michael graduated with a degree in Chemistry and earned an honorary designation for his research on organo-rhodium catalysis supervised by Prof. Hien Nguyen.

In his free time, Michael enjoys learning more about python programming and creating illustrations in programs like Adobe Illustrator. He also enjoys hiking and camping with his partner, Jennie. They are the proud parents of a cat named Tortellini.

For more, please see his website: michaelvinyard.com