Johan Gustafsson

Postdoctoral Associate
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Johan completed his Ph.D. at Chalmers University of Technology under the supervision of Jens Nielsen. His Ph.D. in Systems Biology focused mainly on Genome-scale metabolic modeling, single-cell RNA-Seq, and the metabolism of solid tumors. His work included the development of methods for determining the active metabolic network of cell types from single-cell data, improvements in quantification of single-cell data based on amplification measurements, and metabolic modeling of cell collaboration in the tumor microenvironment. These methods and models led to an explanation to the glutamine addiction phenomenon in found in cancers, as an example. Before his PhD studies, Johan completed two separate M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science and Biochemistry and has extensive experience with software development within the software industry (SAAB AB). At SAAB, he worked with air traffic management systems in various roles, including software engineering, project management, people management, business development, and sales.

In the Getz lab, Johan is investigating the metabolic effects of hypoxia in solid tumors by combining his previous knowledge in metabolic modeling with techniques such as single-cell RNA-Seq and spatial transcriptomics.