David Lehotzky

Computational Biologist
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David joined the Getz lab as a Computational Biologist in 2023. His current research involves the development of computational methods for detecting cancer-associated genes.

Prior to joining the lab, David completed his postdoctoral training at Northeastern University in the Laboratory of Neurobiology mentored by Prof. Gunther Zupanc. There he built cellular automata models for simulating spinal cord growth and regrowth in order to uncover regeneration mechanisms in fish. He also built and analyzed neuronal network models of the brainstem and developed signal processing and pattern recognition algorithms for neurophysiological measurements in order to understand the generation of electric organ discharges in fish.

David obtained his Ph.D. in 2017 from Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) in Mechanical Engineering. There he developed computational methods for the analysis of delayed dynamical systems under the guidance of Prof. Tamas Insperger.