Alvin Qin

Computational Biologist
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Alvin Qin is a genomics team lead computational biologist shared between the Getz Lab and the Cancer Data Science (CDS) Team, managed by Katie Campbell. Alvin completed his postdoctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical school, where he was a research fellow co-mentored by Professor Luca Pinello and Professor David Langenau. He led two single cell genomics projects in his previous labs. One project collaborated with a wet lab biologist to analyze single cell RNA-seq and lineage tracing in primary patient or mouse xenograft tumor models to study the tumor heterogeneity and cell fate determination in Rhabdomyosarcoma. The other leveraged probabilistic programming language (Pyro) to study the cell fate uncertainty in single cell data. Alvin earned his Ph.D. in the Bioinformatics Program at Tongji University in Shanghai, where he developed the Cistrome Data Browser and related epigenomics tools under the supervision of Professor Xiaole Shirley Liu. His current interest lies in bulk and single cell cancer genomics data integration with machine learning techniques for identifying driver mutations and drug resistance mechanisms, and is happy to fulfill his career visions with the members in the Cancer Program.