Kristy Schlueter-Kuck
Lab Alumnus/Alumna
Lab Position: Computational Biologist II

Kristy has been a computational biologist in the Getz lab since September 2019. Prior to joining the lab, she obtained her Ph.D. in 2018 from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering under the guidance of John Dabiri. There, she investigated transport in ocean surface currents using clustering and graph-theory-based models. She also completed a postdoc at Brown University as Hibbitt Fellow in the School of Engineering in 2019, working with Kenny Breuer and Dan Harris.

Kristy’s current research focuses on understanding the development of resistance in cancer types including therapy-induced acute myeloid leukemia, glioblastoma, HER2+ breast cancer, and CLL. She also works on developing methods for understanding and analyzing DNA from mixtures of tumor and normal cells, especially in individuals where a true germline control is unavailable.