Data Portals

Numerous projects’ clinical and sequenced data are combined in the Getz Lab Project Portal, which allows data to be edited, shared, and explored through interactive visualizations.

Please reach out to and with inquiries.

First Released: 02 Nov 2023

Data and results from the CLL-map Project (Knisbacher2022) are posted on the CLL-map Portal site.

First Released: 04 Aug 2022

TCGA GDAC Firehose Browser

First Released: 02 Mar 2016

Data and results from Lawrence2014 are posted on the Tumor Portal site. The site includes graphical displays of the mutations in each of the 18,388 genes studied. The site also includes tables of mutational data for each significant gene) and Q-Q plots for each statistical test.

First Released: 05 Jan 2014

GTEx Project Portal

First Released: 31 Dec 2012