Xavi Loinaz

Associate Computational Biologist II
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Xavi joined the lab as an associate computational biologist in July of 2021 after graduating with an Sc.B. in Computational Biology (with a focus in applied math/statistics) and A.B. in Engineering from Brown University. After dabbling in various wet lab/bioengineering research throughout undergrad, the summer before his senior year he started conducting computational biology research under Prof. Ritambhara Singh and wrote his honors thesis on using deep learning (specifically graph convolutional neural networks) to integrate Hi-C data to model long-range epigenetic regulatory interactions. Since Xavi has joined the Getz Lab he has focused on genomic analysis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and quality assurance of the lab’s whole-genome mutation/copy number/structural variant-calling pipelines. In addition, Xavi is developing a method for finding genomic cancer drivers via structural variation under the mentorship of Dr. Chip Stewart, and has worked on rewriting one of the lab’s structural variant-calling algorithms to increase sensitivity of detection. Outside of research, Xavi likes reading, basketball and baseball statistics, animated TV shows, powerlifting, and occasionally pushing fashion norms with his pants.