Liza Leshchiner

Group Leader
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Liza is a Group Leader in the Getz Lab, working on experimental and computational biology. Liza’s research interests are in the area of cancer biology and therapeutic science, with a focus on novel pathways and novel therapeutic strategies. Liza has a strong expertise in therapeutic proof-of-concept compound development for novel targets as a way to translate genomic and biologic findings, expand the “druggable” genome and challenge common therapeutic limitations.

Liza’s current projects are focused on (i) combining computational analysis with the experimental follow-up of novel pathways of cancer progression and resistance to treatment, in particular by epigenetic mechanisms; (ii) single-cell RNA-sequencing (experimental methods and analysis) to identify unique tumor cell populations and tumor therapeutic response/resistance.

Liza obtained her Ph.D. from Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and was a postdoctoral fellow with Stuart Schreiber at Harvard University/Broad Institute.

In her free time, Liza enjoys music, outdoor sports, and traveling.